Tips & Hints

  • Are Refectocil products tested on animals?
    Refectocil products are NOT tested on animals.
  • Is a Skin Sensitivity Test/Patch Test necessary?
    YES YES & YES! There are a small number of individuals who may have an allergic reaction to tints, hair dyes and other chemical treatments. It is only in rare situations that the reaction can be severe. The comfort of the client is essential - to eliminate any discomfort Refectocil strongly recommends a skin sensitivity test be performed before EVERY application. Even people who have their eyelashes and eyebrows tinted regularly can still have an allergic reaction. If the client refuses to have this test, it is worthwhile having as salon policy that the customer would have to sign a waiver. Please read carefully the instructions on how to perform a skin sensivity test which are included with every Refectocil tint.
  • Can I use a Barrier Cream/Vaseline around the eyes when tinting?
    NO this is NOT recommended - only the use of Refectocil Skin Protection Cream should be used around the eyes as it has been specially developed for the sensitive eye area. In the "PAST" many other products were used to provide a barrier and protection from staining the skin. However with constant research, it was discovered that it was these kinds of products which caused reactions to the delicate skin around the eyes not the tinting process itsel
  • Can pregnant women have their eyelashes and eyebrows tinted and or permed?
    Refectocil policy for pregnant women is that it must be the clients decision. Pregnant women should NOT be advised to have any chemical treatment unless it is their choice to do so. Each individual is different and again if they choose to proceed with the treatment the skin sensitivity/patch test MUST be performed at least 24 hours before the treatment.
    Extra Hint and Tip: It is recommended that all salon operators have a treatment risk and salon policy form, each client should complete and sign. So every treatment is explained and you have made your client aware of your salon's policies.
  • Which colour shade is suitable for which client?
    There are 10 different colour shades for tinting eyelashes and eyebrows or for lightening eyebrows. Before tinting discuss with the client their wishes and expectations. With the help of the Refectocil Colour Chart you can easily show, which tinting results can be achieved from the different colour shades. Some shades are suitable for every natural hair colour (pure black, blue black, natural brown, chestnut, red, blond); other shades are suitable only for lighter natural hair colours (deep blue, graphite, light brown, purple). On the colour-chart no colour result is indicated for unsuitable combinations.
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